Processing Curv®

Using Curv®

Curv® can be used in a wide range of applications

A detailed processing guide is available on request – go to Contact Us.

Molded Parts

Curv® is 100% thermoplastic and may be readily converted into parts by thermoforming. Successful molding starts with appropriate pre-heating. The clamped sheet can be successfully molded with the best results achieved using matched tooling at pressures of 15 bars and higher, depending on the complexity of the part.


Post molding operations are easy with Curv®. Curv® may be punched, machined or cut by water jet.

Joining and bonding

A number of adhesives are available for bonding Curv® to other materials. In addition, Curv® can be supplied with custom modified surfaces to allow direct bonding to a wide range of materials.
Curv® may be joined and fittings attached by welding. Mechanical fasteners may be used without risk of ‘pull through’.

Sandwich Constructions

Curv® may be used in conjunction with honeycombs and foams to produce flat sandwich structures offering high stiffness and ultra-light weight. For example, the Curv®-on-Core product is an all polypropylene solution combining a honeycomb with two outer layers of Curv® in a continuous production process.

Local Reinforcement

Even in flow molding processes or in the injection molding process Curv® can be integrated and over molded as local reinforcements to improve the performance in defined areas of final parts. 

Tailored laminates

The final properties of the Curv® composite can be altered through a wide range by adjusting the different steps in the manufacturing process. The flexibility of the state of the art compaction line allows a wide range of customized products. Hybridization with different materials (glass, aramide, etc.) is possible.

Surface treatment

Talk with us about the possibilities of color options, textured surfaces, and other options for surface treatments.