Curv® Advantage

Curv®’s outstanding low density of 0,92g/cm³ is permanent during the value chain. The combination of high drawn tapes and matrix results into a high strength, high modulus material with significant weight saving potential over alternative composites or materials.

Curv®’s unique morphology results in a material with exceptionally high impact strength. Orientation of the tapes during processing is the key to achieving impact strength. Additionally, the woven structure imbedded within Curv® provides high energy dispersion, prevents splintering or delamination. A multi-hit resistant material, without need for additional reinforcement.

Even more remarkable is Curv® stays ductile at temperatures well below the glass transition temperature of polypropylene (0ºC). The colder it gets, the tougher Curv® becomes, providing impact strength when other materials become brittle.

Curv® is 100% polypropylene, a material widely recognized as being non-toxic and highly resistant to corrosion. Polypropylene is also resistant to oils and organic solvents. Performance can be further augmented by using additives.

Curv® is gentle on molds and cutting tools, it is easy to handle in the workplace and causes none of the irritation associated with glass fiber reinforced materials.

The reinforcing elements and matrix of Curv® composite are chemically the same material, 100% homopolymer polypropylene. This creates a strong bond within the composite and allowing the material to withstand multiple stress situations. Curv® is multi-hit resistant.

Curv® has a natural, high-tech appearance. Perfect for modern designs, yet timeless, the standard fabric surface has the appearance of a carbon fiber composite. Curv® comes in a range of colors and surface finishes. Curv® can be customized to provide almost any look and appeal that you can imagine.

Thermoforming is the most common processing method for creating parts from Curv®. A sheet of Curv® is pre-heated to a certain temperature, and then pressed into a mold to create parts with a large variety of shapes and angles. The drapability of the material prevents folds and overlapping.

Going green is great but especially when it is simple to do. Curv® is 100% polypropylene and 100% recyclable. This is a significant environmental advantage over alternative, fiber reinforced materials.